Aaand, a new one

I'll keep adding some old posts on here occasionally, but had to post about my latest Small-World experience because it was a good one. My close friends know first-hand that I have a weird, uncanny ability to run into people I know or be strangely connected to people I meet - so much so, that one of my friends once asked me not to even THINK of her ex-boyfriend for fear we'd run into him somehow (...and we did. Or at least his best friends anyway, he was around the corner. Sorry, You-Know-Who-You-Are).

Anyway, I'll recount later some of the crazier situations, but this past Sunday was pretty good. After running into someone from my church in DC, at a Starbucks I randomly walked into on 5th Ave in Manhattan (seriously, what are the odds? The same exact time at the same Starbucks in all of NYC?), I get on my bus home and continue reading a book about the Army unit called the Band of Brothers. And I'm reading how these guys started measuring the passage of time in Iraq by horrible incidents "Like the time *Blank*'s arm got blown off by an IED..." And I stop, put the book down, and just stare out the window because I totally met that guy in a club in DC several years ago, danced with him, then went out with him once after that (and yes, this was AFTER he lost his arm. I volunteered at the Army hospital here for years so war wounds don't really phase me.) And, strangely, he just tried to add me on Facebook in the last year out of the blue.

And maybe it's not THAT strange that he made it into this book, but it took me by surprise to come across his name and then to know so much more about his story. And that's the second time I've come across a friend/acquaintance in a book I was reading in the last couple months.

It's definitely entertaining to have this weird "ability", but I feel like I should be able to harnass it and use it somehow to my benefit. Like, if I think really hard about John Legend, will he be pumping my gas tomorrow...?