So, to get this thing started, I've decided to go back to another blog I had years ago and pull some of the less revealing/embarrassing/naive-sounding posts to re-post here. Below was from Thursday, January 25, 2007 and, apparently, I was listening to "The Evolution of Robin Thick"....

This Week, I've Learned....
-That no matter how much I think my hair needs a change, I should not cut bangs

-That a drive along the Potomac on a sunny day with Counting Crows playing in my car will cure any bad mood

-There are very few places left that will make a simple grilled cheese on the go

-No amount of coffee or sleep will put me in a good mood before noon

-That no matter how much a job sucked at the time, you will, one random day, be reminded of the good things about that job and no matter how many times this phenomenon occurs, you will forget it happens and dwell on the suckiness of a job you currently have.

-Not to wear any old thing to the gym in my apartment building because while I just want to be comfortable, other people can still see me. And I feel bad for those people.

-That as oblivious as I am about most things, the small things, like the sound of chewing or someone jingling the change in their pockets, can actually drive me to bodily harm.

-To question whether I miss actual people, or simply the feeling of inclusion

-That those people who always look put together, actually spend an exorbitant amount of time and energy to appear that way.