DC Dating Part Two

I mentioned in my Emails post that Date Recall and I actually did go out and had a mishap on the date. It really wasn't all that crazy but more just another piece of evidence that I'm bad luck. The abridged version is this:

He impresses me by taking me on a private tour of an important building in DC.

While we are there - and we aren't supposed to be - I see something that has happened in said building that he should actually report... But that would mean admitting we were there...oops.

I actually don't remember how he explained himself to his supervisors, but we never went out again. He probably didn't think I was worth the risk of the random things that would undoubtedly keep happening to him if we continued to date.

So that wasn't really much of a story in the end. But I do enjoy another one:

The Family Discount Story.

Years ago I met a guy, we’ll call him Chase, through a friend and Chase eventually asked me out to dinner... Then it was reduced to “meeting up casually with friends”... Then it was cancelled altogether. And he didn't call me again.

That all happened week one.

Week two, my two guy friends decide that we should all go to this restaurant in Arlington that I never go to.

And Chase ends up being our waiter.

And I’m sure it MUST'VE looked like I went there to show him that I was with guys, or that I was stalking him or something. And as soon as he came over my face INFLAMED and I couldn't stop giggling from embarrassment. Then, of course, the guys had to hear the whole story, which I'm sure Chase knew I was telling, then they joked about embarrassing me by saying things like "Ok, ask him out already, you begged us to come here!!" It was torture for me and in the end, Chase gave us his FAMILY DISCOUNT on our meals.

My friends said it was out of guilt. Ouch.

Week 3: Chase calls and asks me out again.

What the ??

At least, I think he asked me out. Again. The evening went something like this:

Chase calls, leaves no message. I break my rule of not replying to a no-message-call and I text him around 10pm with:

"Sup - did you call? Thanks for the discount by the way :)"

He says something like: "Join me after work tomorrow but I can't promise the same discount".

Huh? So am I buying my own way? Then he says he'll pick me up. So is this a date again?

After that, I decided dating needs a Color Code System. Red if you are not meeting someone at all. Yellow if you are meeting as friends. Green if you are meeting as a date.

Even if the date is at PANERA, which I'll recount in my next post...