From the Vault- An unusually witty guy in Adams Morgan

In looking through posts from my old blog, I came across this and HAD to share with the world, it was just too good.

While I was out one Saturday night with one of my best DC friends, Sean, and my good friend Laura who was visiting from Philly, I ended up meeting a nice Marine named Jason. His friend, Peter, then starting chatting with Laura, whom Sean later had to run interference for because Laura was not interested. But the email the next day from Peter to Laura was priceless. Enjoy:

Monday, July 25, 2005
Currently Listening To: The Will to Live, By Ben Harper
Actual email from my Saturday night guy's wingman to my wingwoman:

Might admit a shade of regret at having had to appear so early at the office this morning. I thought you were provocative, intoxicating - and found that the interminable time in which it usually takes Jason to realize that he can't have a so-called afterparty at his parents' house passed more sweetly next to you. You were gorgeous. And I'm glad that the hand I found behind your back - male, rough, and somewhat large - turned out to not have been yours. Peter