A little bit on my oblivion

Since this blog is like a new toy, I'm likely going to post every day. For like a week. Then I will get bored and forget I have it. Which is a perfect segway to discussing my forgetting skills. Or, more accurately, my oblivion skills.

I'm usually running late to something and trying to multi-task, which makes me have tunnel vision. To the extent of that 80-year old who looks for their glasses and they are wearing them. THAT oblivious. And my friends/coworkers have caught on and sometimes use it against me. Like the time I was working as a Confidential Assistant at the White House, stressed out completely, and began noticing that I couldn't find any desk supplies when I needed them. I'd frantically try to staple something- could not find the stapler. Two days later, I'd go to use scissors - no scissors. This went on for several days and I thought I was actually losing my mind already. When, all of a sudden, I started receiving Inter-office mail at regular intervals. With all my office supplies. (This game prompted a retaliation called Fill His Inbox, where I and another coworker systematically drove another coworker crazy by forwarding all of our bosses scheduling requests to him as well, to add to his own. When you work crazy hours, entertainment finds strange forms.)

Another good one was on my 20-something birthday where we are all at dinner, but people keep walking in late. And I don't realize ANYTHING for
a long period of time when finally I see a male friend walk in holding a purse. And then I realize it's MY purse. Then I realize EVERYONE is wearing my accessories, some even wearing my clothes. Yes, THAT oblivious.

But probably the best (worst?) one was in college, when I drove to the on-campus gym, but walked back to my dorm. And forgot I drove. Later that day, I was riding with a friend past the gym who actually mentioned the fact that the car at the gym looked like mine. And I mused at how funny it was that someone else had a car just like mine.

Then I woke up the next morning and reported my car stolen.

Yep, THAT oblivious. So really, if no one ever comments on this blog again, I probably won't know the difference. I'll be too busy trying to find the glasses on my face. :)