New Semesters

I just started my new semester in grad school. I’m only taking one class, as opposed to my (stupid!) decision to take two during the summer, so I figured it wouldn’t be too bad.
Until I looked at the list of required books. There were FIVE.

Then, I realize on my way to class, that I have no idea what room the class is even in. I have not received any emails, don’t even remember the professor’s name, and don't have any of those 5 books, as I ordered them late. Great start!
I find the class and it’s in a computer lab. (which, I really should’ve guessed considering the class is about public relations “in the digital age”…I’m a quick one) And I’m not that pleased considering I spend my entire day in front of computer AND I’m now worried I’ll be distracted by my personal email and/or Facebook during class because I’m a Goldfish Poodle.
Then I realize the computer screens are GIANT and the rows behind me could definitely see the one time I DID open my personal email. The top message in my inbox was from my crazy friend in Philly and the subject line simply read “Why I’m Single.”

So now I'm scared to open that email.

I end up briefly glancing at it on my phone instead and that subject line held a huge STRING of replies between a few of my friends but the only message I took the time to read said:

 “being in a relationship is like being on a donkey that runs head first into a wall”

So yeah, good call on not opening that on Giant Screen, lest the people behind me immediately judge me based on my friends.

The donkey thing actually refers to a story about Philly Friend where she was on a donkey that did run head first into a wall so remembering that of course made me giggle to myself during class. So the people behind me probably think I'm crazy anyway. Better they learn early, I suppose!

I later told Philly Friend about the incident and she replied that she would be sending me blank emails with inappropriate subject lines every week during my class for the sake of the people behind me in that case. Considering this girl has also sent me work-related (hers, not mine) emails involving Koalas and STDs, I absolutely believe her.
So, I definitely won’t be doing much personal communications during class afterall.  Fortunately for me, the professor is totally entertaining.
He began by frantically pacing the room before introducing himself. He assigned us all to use Google + as the class communication tool, which none of us - including him - really understand. And at one point he asked who all in the class had ever tried to influence social media in their organizations, and when one girl said she actually quit her last job because she had tried and they wouldn't take her suggestions, the teacher blurted out:
“No sh… kidding?”
To which everyone snickered like 7th graders because THE TEACHER NEARLY SWORE!
He also asked us all where we worked and one girl announced she worked for Street Sense...then immediately clarified "The retailer, not the Homeless Newspaper."
Because Street Sense is actually the name of a paper that the homeless community in D.C. writes and sells to earn income. I think it’s a fantastic program, but I guess I can understand the questions that inevitably would arise as to how someone involved with that publication could afford to be in grad school… in any case, later in the class the professor basically referenced her as the Girl Who Does not Work for the Homeless Newspaper.

Nice. Hopefully I don't become The Girl Who Is not Passing This Class Because She is Too Busy Reading Emails About Suicidal Donkeys.
Then, halfway through the class, the professor inexplicably begins writing all our names on the board in teams under titles like “Email” or “Wiki”. My name?
was under “Special Team.”
And instead of the obvious mental stability joke there, I think, "So …I’m …the…Kicker for the class??" (I don’t think anyone else’s brains went straight to football because when I made some remark about how “some games are won by special teams” no one responded. I guess THEY aren’t from an SEC state like Tennessee …)
In any case, the professor never did explain what that meant so that should be interesting. But I’m a little nervous about this whole Team thing because I typically hate group work. I’m weird, I have my own personal processes that work for me but look crazy messy to others, and I’m a perfectionist in many ways and end up just doing most of the work myself.  NERD ALERT, I know. But that being said, my class is also 99% female. And you know what I hate just as much as working in groups?
Working with females.
I know, I know, that’s totally un-“sisterhood of the travelling pants” of me but I’m sorry, my gender talks too much, is too emotional when it comes to business, and sugar-coats things instead of just spitting out what needs to be said.
Don’t get me wrong, I can have a mood-swing and get super-sensitive LIKE IT’S MY JOB. But ironically, AT my job, I tend to function more like a male. At least in the sense that – let’s cut the crap, stop taking things personally, and just freaking get the job done. But I digress.
In the end, I think this class might be fun, group work and all. We'll see.

But this week was not only the start of my school semester, but the "Small Group" (AKA Bible Studies) semester at my church also just started. And I had a less than stellar start to that as well, which I'll explain more next time.