Dana Summit-Plannernicola

I met my friend Ryan years ago when I was a political appointee in the Department of Homeland Security and he was an intern there. We got along right away when Ryan was tasked to collect staffers' photos, and then began emailing me my OWN photo with word bubbles, as if I was actually saying whatever stupid thing he wrote in the email. We also bonded over the fact that we both had a deep appreciation for the name of the intern coordinator:

Jane* Internicola.

(*Jane is not her actual first name, but that WAS her actual last name)

The INTERN coordinator had INTERN - in her last name.

Ryan and I loved this and quickly began using everyone's titles as their new last name. "Joe Special Assistanticola", "Mary Advisoricola",... you get the idea.  I became Dana Policy Analysticola.

Fast forward to my current project where I'm managing the planning for a summit early next year- hence, my new name. But that's not half as bad as some of the other names I've had the privilege of being associated with:

(And I apologize in advance if anyone reading this has any of these names or knows these people. I'm sure these people are very pleasant and there are plenty of things they can make fun of me for in return if they'd like -- just read this blog for several examples...)
1. Dick Beard: this was someone's name associated with a job I had years ago and because I may have giggled a bit the first time I heard it, EVERY TIME he was mentioned in a meeting after that, EVERY HEAD around the boardroom table would swivel expectantly towards me, at which I'd giggle and turn red all over again.

2. Neil McNeal: I participated in a government exercise with this guy and could not hide my amusement at his name tag. He explained that, sadly, that really was his name. Then he shook his head and said something about his parents....

3. Dick Cashdollar. I'm not kidding.

and the latest:

4. Jane* Poos. Yep.

Now, I'm all about a last name that is descriptive (such as Summit-Plannernicola for example) so perhaps if you are a painter, you could be: Mary Paints. Or if you are a singer: John Sings.

But Jane ....Poos? That's just too much information I think.

.....at least add a 'nicola on the end.....