THIS week....

More Murphy's Law time!

I don't have much time to post lately, but this week - particularly today - has held many more of those "what's with today, today?" moments that I thought I'd share.

1. A week ago, I was offered someone's race slot in the annual Army 10-Miler race in D.C.
-The person I'm "being" in the a male Army captain. Pretty sure he will be horrified by "his" finish time.
-I wasn't exactly "training" for a 10-miler lately. The race is tomorrow.
So I tried to cram in some "training" this week where I could, which ended up being me trying to squeeze in a quick run after work before a friend event on Wednesday night. About half a mile from my house --

I fell.

Thankfully, it was already dark out but I fell right beside traffic so I'm SURE I made someone's day with that hilarity. I'd love to blame it on the darkness, or the sidewalk, but I literally just didn't pick my foot up enough, hit the end of my shoe, and pitched forward. I took at LEAST two more steps, no joke, trying to slow down enough to lessen impact -- but it wasn't enough. After I finally hit the pavement, I jumped back up and looked at my hand -- Bleeding. Everywhere. I skinned my other hand a tiny bit, and my leg was stinging but I didn't even LOOK at it until I got to my place. I just started running again, smiling when I came across another runner like "don't mind me! Just running...and bleeding..."


Later, I had my skinned leg propped up and ice under my...bruise (which wasn't so much on my leg as..right under my butt/on my hip.) while I was watching Sex and The City and eating Junior Mints and when I got up later -- I realized a stray Junior Mint had become trapped under my ice pack (aka -- the bag of frozen edemame I found in my freezer) and was flattened on my chair.

Now I was in pain, had a frozen rear-end, and chocolate-covered furniture. Sigh. Sigh.

2. TODAY. So besides being sore from my fall, I also came down with either a cold or allergies - either way, I feel like crap a little. So I was trying to get more sleep and was excited to sleep in today - when my phone rings.


it is Saturday. I am sick. And I keep rolling over on some part of my body that is either scraped or bruised. Who!? Is It?!!

It was the guy who's race bib I'm taking. The plan was for him to pick the race packet up and give it to me. The plan had changed. I now needed to pick it up with a copy of his ID. So I'm like - no problem, the pickup place is super close to my house at a hotel in Arlington.


It used to be there. Now it's in DC. Ah, great.

So now I'm running out of time, because after the phone call, I ended up being awake for a while, but then falling back asleep later --

until 1pm.

And I'm meeting friends at 3:30 to go see a Mixed Martial Arts fight (don't ask).

And I have homework due by 6pm.

So I ended up rushing around to everything, get my packet, barely get my homework in, but all is well. Until I go check on a friend's house for her and decide that's a perfect time to get the thai food I've been craving all week.


I call in an order to the thai place by my friend's house, and I get down there - and there's a STREET. FESTIVAL. I can't even get near the Thai place. But I've already ordered. So I attempt to park in a nearby garage --


There are so many cars from the street festival, that I get stuck IN the garage and can't even get turned around just to get back out, I end up having to wait forever, and I finally call the thai place in a panic like "ABORT MY ORDER! I REPEAT! ABORT!!"

So now I'm tired, annoyed, and still Pad Thai-less. So I call to see if that place delivers.

They don't.

I call another place. They deliver --but not to my apartment.

I call another. They deliver, to my apartment -- but I have to order $20 or more.

Somewhere there is a voodoo doll of me and the person is only sticking pins into my stomach. Particularly, the part of my stomach that is craving Pad Thai.

I call FIVE DIFFERENT RESTAURANTS and finally settle for a chinese place - who happen to have Pad Thai on their menu anyway - and now I'm about to go to bed so I can hopefully wake up and get to my race on time.

Hopefully, Tomorrow will be nicer to me.