Pulling an Italian Job

My Goldfish Poodleness has struck again. (see description of a Goldfish Poodle: here. See examples: every day of my life. And throughout most of this blog).

On the Goldfish side of Goldfish Poodledom, I've been known to experience things then completely forget it ever happened. Sometimes, I even start to go through things again, thinking I have not done it, then realize I actually already did but I forgot. I give you: The Italian Job.

Yes, the movie. Which, I realize is about stealing things, which I have not done (that I can remember anyway...).

This is about the time I went to see The Italian Job in the theater with some friends. And we got through the first, say, 15 minutes of it and I realize -

I had already seen The Italian Job. In the theater. Recently.

And this situation is made worse by the fact that, because of the Poodle side of Goldfish Poodledom, I'm typically too hyper to sit still through an entire movie, let alone pay to be confined to my seat through the duration of a movie in the theater. So I just don't go often. At all. Yet now somehow, because of the Goldfish side - aka my Forgetfulness - I'll be sitting through the same movie -- twice. Needless to say, I was amused but also a little annoyed.

And since that movie incident, I sadly still end up in situations where I foolishly do something only to realize I had already done it. Take: This semester.

I finally decide: I'm Going To Be Ahead Of The Curve This Time! And I order my textbooks right when I register for my next class. This was December.

Anyway, my school has a system where it tells you what books each class requires and you can order them right then. So I do, and I get an email weeks later saying the professor decided to add books (oh good! I was wondering what I would do with that extra cash and free time -- thank goodness I can buy more books to add to my reading list each week!) So now I'm in the throws of a crazy project at work and can barely make decisions. So I get on the phone with the book people and I'm like "um, just tell me what I need to do please." So the lady says - "oh yes, you have not bought all the books you need yet." So I'm like -- ok, let's do this then!

Then she proceeds to read each title to me. And apparently, I was not even remotely listening and just kept saying "yeah that one too" yep, throw that one in there" "sure! why not!" because I figure -- the professor has added more books. I need to pass this class. Ergo, I need to get all the assigned books. Right?

Fast forward to the arrival of these books. And I open the box and find --

two books I already own from previous classes.

*Face Palm*

I totally pulled an Italian Job on my schoolbooks.

Then, this weekend, I was in Productivity Mode where I was going to get all my To Do list done, or die trying. So one item that feels like it's always on the list is -- baby or wedding gifts. So I mentally go through my calendar of what celebrations are coming up next, and I remember my friend Chris' wedding.

And I can not for the life of me remember if I'd already sent them a gift.

(The wedding hasn't happened but sometimes I have gifts sent to the couples' house instead of taking them to the wedding because A. that's supposedly the new thing to do as it allows the couple to not have to schlep everything in one day and B.
Because I'm Lazy and it's easier that way. There. I said it. I'm southern, I have friends who started getting married before high school even ended. (and some who've been married multiple times since) I've now been in over a decade of a fairly steady stream of weddings, I don't have time to keep up with ALL the weddings. I'm sorry. Ahem.)
So I spent at least 20 minutes checking my emails, trying to find a receipt or something for Chris. I finally decide I don't think I already bought them something, and I go ahead and hit up Crate and Barrel.

I hope I didn't just pull an Italian Job on Chris' wedding.

Sigh. Who knows. But it really makes me question all the advice people throw around to "prepare" and "get things done early" because ...in my case, even if the early bird catches the worm, she'll later forget that and buy a cheeseburger anyway.