The Things We Do For Exercise

I'm struggling to get my crap together this week. I'm sorry I don't have any new posts on baboons or boys (although I did just let a guy down using the phrase "I was a little uncomfortable with what felt like aggressive affection on a first date...." which I'll tell you more about later.) But besides being behind on posting here, I'm also behind on work, errands, and keeping up with my Groupon/Living Social Deals.

One of those deals being Unlimited Access to a Fitness Boot Camp for the Month of January. (for which I'd like to go back in time and slap my former self when I started to make that purchase. 6am class every day?? Ha!)

The other is: 5 sessions of Pole Dancing Classes.


Long story short, a couple years ago, my friend was getting married so a bunch of us thought it'd be hilarious to take a Chair Dancing class together as a bachelorette activity. We are not the type of girls you would ever look at and think: "definitely dances for money," so that made it even funnier.

We all showed up to the class in un-sexy workout attire, strapped on the plastic 6-inch stilletos they provide for the class, and proceeded to giggle our way through the hour-long session.

At various points through the session, you'd hear an uneven pitter-patter of stilletos and another girl would bite the dust. One girl tripped and nearly fell into the front window of the establishment (which actually would've been HILARIOUS to watch from the street, if she could've avoided serious injury. Come on, you are walking by what looks like a normal row house in D.C. and suddenly a tiny blonde girl wearing gym clothes and bright red heels flies out the window? That would be entertaining!). And we routinely would glance around during a particularly humbling pose, catch the eye of another embarrassed friend and just start laughing uncontrollably again. And it was hard! We all felt like we'd done intense workouts the next day, leading my friend Krimmel and I to think -- this could actually be really beneficial, not just extremely embarrassing and hilarious.

So when we found a Living Social deal, we were sold. Except instead of chair dancing, this time we'd try -- Pole Dancing.

So once again, Krimmel and I find ourselves giggling in bulky gym clothes, being taught moves that were designed to be "sexy" but what we are simply using as a fun/funny way to trick our bodies into strength training.

We have another class tonight. I'll let you know if either of us flies out a window.