I'm still alive!

I miss you, Internet! I'm neck-deep in planning a big thing for my cilent and between working 13 hour days, writing my annual assessment for my company, starting up grad school classes again, and stripping my bed when I get home at night because my cat has decided to express her displeasure at being home alone so much by PEEING ON MY COMFORTER REPEATEDLY  (my head is spinning around and my eyes are shooting fire as I type that) - DEEP BREATH -

I haven't had time for you. I'm sorry. I will hopefully be able to share lots of fun new random things soon but until then - here's a picture of my cat for you to look at. Have you ever seen such an adorable, fluffy wad of  Evil?

(Also: If you are a regular checker of my site, please consider signing up as a Follower. I mean, how else will I get the attention of the Internet gods and thus have someone offer me money to just post photos of evil kittens all day instead of doing my other jobs/grad school?)