Top Ten Ways to Know You (and the poor souls working for you) Might Be Overwhelmed

10. You seriously utter phrases in the office like "I'll reply to your email about 10pm if that works for you."

9. You only leave your office because the lights and computers shut off automatically at a certain point late in the night.

8. You have so many tasks to get through that you shut down mentally and just start counting all the new emails in your inbox instead (and someone might even catch you doing it. Not saying that happened to me or anything....)

7. Your staff admit they've been having dreams that take place inside the software you are using for presentations

6. One of your staff keeps emailing you blank emails with just the subject line: "Let My People Go"

5. Your staff start booking appointments in their personal lives for after 11:00 pm

4. Your client's spouses start sending you baked goods

3. You continue to tell friends you'll "talk to them in March"

2.Your staff ask if they can help with anything because "they don't want you to die"

1. The time card approver of one of your staff sees how many hours he's logged and sends him an email that just says: ARE YOU OKAY?!