How Do I Get Myself Into These Things?

Hi Internet people. I know I was in the middle of telling you about Iceland but, true to my ADD/Oh-Look!-Something-Shiny! self, I lost focus and haven't sat down to write the end of that story. I'll get there eventually.

But in the meantime, wanna hear about this week?

1. Tonight, I'll be participating in an annual event at my local climbing gym (Sportrock) called Penguin Climb. The gym apparently thought it'd be funny to have gym-goers dress up as if they are going to prom and climb the walls there like normal.

I agree with them and bought a dress at Goodwill just for the occasion.

The friend who trained with me for my marathon, and who incidentally was the lucky soul who experienced my infamous Wardrobe Malfunction on our 20-miler here, is the person who told me about this climb.

I love that people automatically assume I'll do anything involving physical challenge and silly costumes.


Anyway, I may post pics here if it actually is funny. ...or if I have another wardrobe malfunction which we all know is super likely.

But come on. What part of this doesn't look like a great idea?

Well maybe not this.... but still-

2. That same friend who invited me to the Penguin Climb is running another race and raising money for charity again while doing it, and she texted me one morning to ask if I'd be in her


That is how that phrase should've sounded in my head at the time. With alarm bells. And screams of "run! saaaave yourseeeeelf!" But instead? I barely skip a beat, text back immediately with a "sure!"

Seriously, me=zero self-preservation instinct.

So that's what I'll be doing this Saturday. Selling myself on an auction block to the highest bidder.... or, running away weeping if there is no bidder...or, running away screaming if there IS a bidder, but he's anything like any of the 1000 crazy dates I've already had in my life.

Yet another brilliant decision by me. I'll let you all know how it goes.....