Iceland Part ....One

(I wanted to use the word in Icelandic for "one" in the title of this post but have you seen the Icelandic language written out?? I give you: Eyjafjallajokull - that Iceland volcano that erupted and screwed everyone's travel plans a couple years ago. Eyjafjallajokull. That is why I speak no Icelandic.)

So I have finally decided to plunk down the $$ and take another international trip to:

Morocco! Hooray!

Having a chance to get out and see the world more makes me very happy. And my friend Angie and I plan to do an already-all-set-up-for-you tour with a tour group so we have to put minimal planning effort into it ourselves.

Incidentally, the reason I know Angie is because she and I both ended up on a similar No-Brainer tour in Iceland in 2009. She did it with another friend and I did it with Kami, the girl I pushed out of the bed in Central America here .
The Iceland tour we all did was with a group, aptly named: Things To Do.  I'd highly recommend them for travel or just for....things to do. They have them in other cities too and they do everything from cooking classes to trapeze lessons, in addition to travel tours.

Anyway, our trip to Iceland was fantastic because we went for Airwaves,  an international music festival held every year in Reykjavik. Up and coming cool bands from all over the world descend on that little, otherwise sleepy, city and take over every venue you could imagine. It wasn't like Virgin Fest, where you are living in an open field for two days running like a maniac between simultaneous stages because you HAVE TO SEE BOTH PAOLO NUTINI AND THE YEAH YEAH YEAHs LIVE BEFORE YOU DIE, DANG IT! (not that I did that in 2007 in Baltimore or anything). But instead, the music envelops  you by taking place in every coffee shop, restaurant, and stage in the city. You'd go to get dinner - and watch a band; on your way to a pub - to watch a band;  on your way to a night club -- to watch yet another band. For a music geek like me, this. was. heaven.

Also, we totally ran into the members of Vampire Weekend on a geyser tour one day. NBD.

Oh the geysers. They are everywhere. Iceland has a ton of geothermal activity...and little vegetation, which actually does make it feel like you are On The Moon, as it was described to me before I went. I remember a lot of it looking like this:


But the best place to experience the geothermally goodness was:

The Blue Lagoon.

Which I'll tell you all about in the next post.