Iceland Part Three - The End.

Sorry I got all distracted and never finished this. I was also hoping to get some video footage to add here but haven't gotten around to that either so we'll just finish anyway.  That way I can move on to telling you about whatever happens tonight when I sell myself for charity, and whatever happens in a couple weeks when I take a sweet Driving Skills/Weapons training course led by U.S. special ops guys-

YES. I'm actually doing that and I nearly pee my pants with glee every time I remember that I'm doing that.

More on that later. Back to Iceland!

So the Blue Lagoon was definitely one of the highlights on top of the various bands and people we met from all over the world. My favorite show was a DJ combined with the Reykjavik Symphony Orchestra -- AH-MAZING. It was like watching really really awesome techno being created manually before our eyes.

We also rode "Viking horses" at one point [just like regular horses but a bit shorter, making it feel like my 5'8 self was atop a German Shepherd...on the moon (remember my description of Iceland here....)] Another fun piece was hearing what happened to the other people on our trip. One night, when Kami and I chose to venture off by ourselves, the rest of the group ended up --- at a strip club. Where one of the group members got offered a job....and she considered it.....ahem.

Another member apparently had waaaaay too much to drink, got separated from the herd, lost his coat and ended up sleeping on the floor in a local stranger's house. At some point during the night, he ended up at one of the concerts and saw another member of our group, who had also wandered off alone, and the best part was the next morning when we were all lounging in our hotel lobby and both of them see each other across the lounge and all they say is:

Floor sleeping boy: "OH MY GOSH!"
Concert-going girl: "OH MY GOSH!!!!!!"

and just kinda shake their heads, staring at each other in mutual understanding (or lack there of) of what they both had gone through the night before. I guess what happens in Reykjavik, stays in Reykjavik ....

Below are some more random shots from our trip. Enjoy!

One of the few pics in existence of me wearing my glasses in public -- this is where we first met the rest of the group at the airport. This accurately describes the level of insanity one needs for group travel with strangers....

Gulfoss water fall.... gorgeous.....

Me and my tiny horse....and my  GIANT suit they made us wear....

seriously, this suit alone makes the trip worth it.....ridiculous!

room made. of. ice. Awesomeness. (also very cold...)

Ah, the European speedo...

The proper way to walk on the moon.