Gone To Lunch...

....in MOROCCO!

I keep meaning to post something here, like about the awesome weapons/driving course I just completed (where I accidentally shot a hostage), or about boys (like my latest BUB aka Break Up Blocker), or just random incidents (like when that stranger came across the room at that birthday event tonight to tell me she'd been staring at my butt and had to know where I bought my pants - yep, that just happened.),


I haven't been able to sit down and write about any of those things because:

A. I have the attention span of a humming bird on crack cocaine
B. I'm trying to get everything done before my trip to


so I have no time.

But, I haven't forgotten you, Internet (and all you readers who stumble on my blog while searching for things like "zombie lagoon" -- seriously, what are you people LOOKING for out there??) So, if you come back by here in the next couple weeks, just consider me out to lunch. ...And lunch happens to be on a different continent.

Hopefully I'll have more fun stories to share after my trip. :)