Insight Into A Night Out In D.C.

Me and my friends try to find a not so crowded place to hang out and maybe dance a little...

Lone, very happy little guy comes off the dance floor and approaches us: "Heeeey! My name's Ronny what's yours?"
Shakes each hand in the group, whether we want him to or not.

Happy little guy , looking up at me: "I'm druuuunk! haha"

Me: "Mmm hmm"

Him: "Hey I'm Ronnie, what's your name?"

Me, not even shaking his hand this time: "Yeah, we did this, remember? I'm Dana."

Him, making a face: "Dana!? You don't look like a Dana...."

Me, slightly curious where this will go: "What do I look like then?"

Him, after a pause: "Cindy."


Him, making a face again: "Dana makes me think of....milk."



Him, asking our friend her name: "What's your name?"

Her: "Paige."

Him: "What's your name?"

Her: "Paige."

Him: "What's your name?"

Her: "Paige."

Him: "....Hey smell my cologne."

End Scene.

Yep, some real winners out there ladies....