Another Look Into A Typical Day

Since I've started sharing on here about all of the weird stuff that happens to me (like the explanation of my tagline Here) friends have started randomly texting me that they just went through something weird - and they thought of me. And how that must be how I feel every day. So just to prove their hunch correct, I think it's time for another:

Break Down of a Typical Dana Day.

I give you: Yesterday.

8:00 am - I take Chloe to the vet because she refuses to stop expressing her feelings to me by leaving messages on my rugs each day. In urine.

8:45- Chloe gets prescribed Kitty Prozac. And I think she should share.

9:15 - Chloe and I get stuck in standstill traffic, making me even later for work.

9:20 - I find out there's an accident on the interstate and feel thankful I'm about to exit for my apartment.

9:30 - I exit for my apartment -- and see emergency vehicles are also off my exit. For another issue. I'm never getting to work today...

9:35 - I realize I'm nearly out of gas and I pull into the gas station across the street from my place - and find out none of their pumps work due to a storm several days ago.

9:40 - I drive to the next gas station and begin to feel less in control of my patience. Exclamations may have been made.

9:45 - Two pumps are full, one doesn't work - I drive into the last one. And realize there's a hand written note saying it's not currently taking credit cards.

9:46 - I ask the man on the other side if his pump takes cards. He said he doesn't know because this is the first time he's been there. this also the first time you've used a gas pump in the U.S.? Because pretty much all of them have a credit card machine in front of your face.

9:47 - I get in line behind the man's pump after looking for my dang self and seeing that the card machine was in fact working.

9:48 - I inexplicably hit the "yes I want a receipt" button even though I never do that.

9:57 - my pump finishes -- and tells me I have to go inside to get my receipt.


9:58 - I'm inside - there's no one else.

9:59 - A lady pulls up behind my car and watches in confusion while I walk around and nearly start to pull my own receipt off the machine behind the counter, causing the gas station guy to finally walk in to help me.

10:00 - the lady gives up and tries to maneuver her car around to the other set of pumps. Unsucessfully.

10:01 - Finally armed with my receipt, I get in my car -- and now have to wait for the lady to Austin Powers her car back and forth in front of me before I can leave the gas station.

10:02 - I start laughing uncontrollably at the obsurdity of it all and realize I'm going to just have to take vacation hours this a.m. because I'm not getting to work anytime soon.

The rest of my day goes by fairly normally until it's time for me to head to class. And this is always stressful because class is at 5:15 which is nearly impossible to get to on time because I get stuck at work with stuff at the end of the day.
4:30 pm: I'm fleeing my desk to get to the train and I get a text from CVS - that my cat's new drug habit is ready to be supported.

Dang it. Forgot about that. And tomorrow's a holiday. And I just took off work to get this cat issue fixed - she is taking those drugs dang it.

4:31 - I stop by the ladies' room on my run to CVS. And I'm checking a text message and simultaneously get a call that I accidentally answer because my finger is already on the phone screen. And answering the call is fine, except I'm in a public restroom, frantically tranistioning between work ---> cat drug deal --->class. So the person on the other line probably thinks I sound crazy and the person in the bathroom with me definitely thinks I sounds crazy.

4:45 - I accidentally take the elevator all the way down to my garage out of habit, when I realize I'm not getting my car, I'm getting on the metro train. After I get drugs. I'm never getting to class today....

5:15 - I'm now running down the street towards class with cat drugs in my purse.

11:00 pm - I finally get home, after class and meeting up with an old friend, just in time to realize I had committed earlier in the day to going tubing down a river the next day - and forgot I still have stitches on my rear end.

And then I fall asleep. And get ready for whatever craziness will come tomorrow...