A DC Dana Birthday

I celebrated my birthday this week. And the number one wish people gave me was that I would have a semi-normal, non-awkward/strange day - for once. It almost happened.
First, I have to tell you one of the most exciting things that happened this month (exciting only in Girl World - calm down). One of my stylish friends decided to have a closet purge and let just a few friends come over and take whatever they wanted. for free. and she and I are the same size.
I'm still beaming.
Anyway, so on my actual birthday, I ended up basically wearing an entire outfit of my "new" clothes to work. Including purse and shoes. And I loved the outfit and was told I looked very Jackie O and for whatever reason it's 100% more fun when the clothes cost me nothing so I'm walking around my office to go meet with my supervisor when -
it happens.
My shoes backfire.
Maybe I'm the only one this happens to, but there are certain shoes that - when you're feet start to sweat the slightest bit as you are walking - fall off. And you don't realize it's going to happen until it actually happens out of nowhere. This day was one of the worst I've ever had. So bad that at one point I'm in front of an entire half of the floor -- which is an "open office floorplan" meaning everyone can see everyone else -- and I actually have to stop walking multiple times and regroup. And I think "I might actually have to go barefoot to get the rest of the way to my boss' office!" Which is just so typical because here I am, feeling all nice in my new outfit, on my birthday, and now I'm paralyzed while coworkers look on and I have to do a weird butt-clench looking walk to keep my shoes on until I reach my boss.
In any case, I say all that to let you know that that is the only weird thing that happened on my actual birthday - WIN!
The night of my birthday, one of my friends who works at the Pentagon brought me a sheet of U.S. Army tattoos as my gift (because we all know I love hot men in uniform our faithful Armed Forces.) So I of course put on one of the tattoos immediately (it went nicely with the Happy Birthday tiara I was already wearing. In public. In my 30's.). And the next day I don't feel like taking the time to rub it off with alcohol so I instead decide to just wear a shirt with sleeves. And here is my Facebook post on that day. Proof that Murphy's Law is not done with me just yet. Enjoy :)
"While yesterday, the Universe gave me a break for the most part (except almost falling out of my shoes at work), today it's back in full force. Instead of taking the time to remove my little temporary ARMY tattoo, I just decided to wear long sleeves. Except I didn't realize until I got to work that my sleeves are totally see-through.... and this just happens to be the one day a year we have Dept of Defense staff at my office for an all day workshop. I'm dying right now. Dying."