Insight into typical text conversations with one of my BFFs

I like my friends to have big hearts that are nearly totally shrouded in sarcasm and a bit of irreverence. Below is a snippet of today's text discussion with a friend I've had for over a decade. I think we make good adults, don't you?

Me: Some company in Oak Ridge just called for a reference FYI. 
Are you gunna work with nukes? Cuz that'd be cool.

Her: I've applied to so many jobs I genuinely have not idea

Me: I'm going with nukes then. Good thing I told them you'd be really good at nukes. 

Her: Yeah, good thing!
 I mean its oak they do anything else there?!

Me: not since the mall closed...
The Oak Ridge Boys still exist. Maybe it was to be a Roadie! Crap, the nukes thing probably won't help you then. Sorry yo. 

Her: I hope I get super powers. Like spider man or batman or something.
Blast! Get with it! You have one job! to make me sound awesome at all things!!!

Me: Ugh. I was distracted by her ridiculously thick accent

Her: Thick foreign or thick backwoods? Cause thick foreign could still be nukes!

Me: Ha! Good point. But thick backwoods.
...soooo probably roadie. Dang it.

Her: Well, I'm probably more suited for that anyway....

End Scene.