Friday Five: 5 Reasons to try a new gym class

I'm linking up with CourtneyMar, and Cynthia for "Free Friday" and posting about my experience this week at a Pound fitness class at Gold's Gym.

Confession: I mostly just run, you guys. Yes, I enjoy a wide variety of other workouts and understand the importance of cross-training, but if I'm being honest -- I barely have time to eat most days, so my workout default is the exercise I find the easiest, which is running. It's free, and you can do it anywhere, anytime. Plus I'm slow and my body is used to running so I'm hardly ever really sore after runs. Tight, yes. But it's a good tight - like my muscles are giving me a gentle chuck under the chin, like "we worked out, kiddo, and that's cool."


Today, my muscles are full of Tamra Barney-levels of rage 

Today, I'm hearing the opinion of my muscles after trying a new gym class instead of running. And that opinion is: This is painful!!! But, pain and all, I'm glad I tried a new class. Here are the top five reasons why I'd recommend you try one too.

1. It enables you to get out of your comfort zone

Walking into large gyms always intimidate me a little. Especially when I go into a class with glass walls where all the people on cardio machines outside can see me fumble with new equipment and new moves. This week's class? Only me and one other lady. And she wasn't friendly. I tried to scurry into the farthest corner of the room and was immediately told by the instructor to come up near the front.  Personal growth test this week: Check.

2. You may find a new way to trick yourself into working out

I was so busy trying to follow the steps and stay on beat that the time went fairly quickly and then -- boom! I'd done my workout for the day!

3. It can be really fun

I love music and dance, so a class that let's me drum along to Rage Against the Machine while working on my abs? I ain't mad at it.

4. It works new muscles

Which brings me back to: Ow. The amount of soreness I have - particularly in muscles that a physical therapist commanded me to work on to improve running earlier this year - means I need this class. Often. 

5. You may make new friends

When I posted on Twitter about how angry my legs were after the class, the Pound people replied to my tweets! They encouraged me to stretch and keep coming to class and it would get easier, so of course I'm planning on hitting the class up again soon.

After I can move without crying, that is. 

(Pound has elements of Zumba and Pilates and I found myself doing a lot of squats, lunges and pliés while hitting drumsticks on the ground, then doing ab work on the ground while continuing to drum. Know of other fun classes? Tell me about your favorites! )