5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

I'm linking up for the Friday Five with MarCourtney and Cynthia to talk about 5 ways to stay healthy (read: Sane) during the holidays. Here are 5 things I personally plan to do to relax, which in turn is healthy :) 

1. Watch cheesy Hallmark Channel holiday movies with my parents. 

A. there are very few things we agree on when it comes to television watching.

B. I secretly love  the cheesy feel-goodiness of those movies


2. Lay around and cuddle with this animal

Yes, she is wearing one of my race medals here. Don't ask. And yes I have her all the time at my place, but she likes to travel too and who couldn't use some extra furry hugs over the holidays?


3. Go for a run at the park by my parents' house in Tennessee to keep up on my #holidaySweat fitness.


4. Shoot guns, like a good Tennessean girl does (no I do not shoot anything living. It's just a really good stress reliever and a bonding tradition I now have with the men in my family. #TomboyProblems


5. Go shopping with the women in my family

You gotta keep things balanced :)