February is the New January

I half-heartedly set a goal to lose 5 pounds in January.

I gained 5 pounds instead. 

I feel like my body is that kid who scores a goal but then finds out it was for the wrong team. Like, my body did  technically do something with 5 pounds. It just did that something in the wrong direction. Which made my team (the team made up of my body and, well, me) actually lose points instead of gain them. Because it gained weight instead of... lost...it...(I'm starting to see how my body got confused, actually. Math is hard.) 

I want to blame the DC Blizzard, and the fact that I panic-purchased a bunch of bread and, really, every other thing I've ever enjoyed eating in my life because if this blizzard kills me, so help me if my last meal doesn't involve string cheese, Nutella, and Pez

So I'm calling a Do Over in February. I mean, isn't January just the "Monday" of the year, anyway? Who comes off a weekend (or, in this case, out of an old year) and immediately feels like being productive? No! You want to ease into life. Take that first chunk of time to wander around a little blurry-eyed and get situated. That's January. 

February. Now that's when you know you are solidly in a new year. Now we can get down to business. Just like we do on Tuesdays. (Just kidding, job! I work on Mondays too, I promise)

So here's to February being the new January! May we all get a little closer to our goals this month than we did in that throw away month, January!* 

*This message brought to you by: Procrastination. Stay tuned for next month's message, entitled-  March: Why this is really, seriously, for real the month to reach all of our goals.