Double Glitch

The Double Glitch

I've mentioned the weird thing that happens to me and my friend Amy that we call our "6th sense." It's this weird glitch in the universe that causes things to occur in pairs around us. We'll read a word, then someone walking past us will randomly say it, or we'll say a word then the person on T.V. will say it too, etc. I'm going to name it The Double Glitch. And maybe you won't find it as strange as we do, but it happens ALL THE TIME and I think it's freaky. Like when I:

-read the word "Oceanic" in a magazine, then immediately heard someone on my television say that same word. The same thing occurred another time with the words "Dulce de leche"  -not normal words.

-was looking at my navy-colored pants in a meeting and absent-mindedly thought of the word “navy,” right when my client referred to The Navy, as in, the military branch.

-read an email where my friend made fun of his boss for using the word “sweetness,” then I immediately got a request on Facebook for some game called “"Sweetness Battle."

-was looking at a friend post photos from her trip to Romania, which included visiting the town where Dracula (or “Count Vladimir”) is supposed to be from, and then I walked down the street past a family of tourists and heard the little kid talking about Counts and his mother say “like Count Vladimir?”

-Got emails in my inbox on the same day from two unrelated people that both started with the word "Huzzah!"...

Come on, this stuff is weird, right? It’s as weird as my internal homing device, except it happens way more often.

Now, it's happening nearly daily on my Facebook newsfeed, where related things are posted - often directly on top of each other - from completely unrelated people, often in completely different geographical locations. Below are just some examples:

1. Snow and August:

2. A guy from my Iraq trip was tagged in his engagement photo and I randomly focused in on the fact that his fiancee's shoes were green, to match his shirt. That same day, another friend randomly changed her Cover Photo to her engagement photo, which was just her and her now-husband's feet. Yep - green shoes.

3. An ad for something called "The Clymb" appears directly above my friend randomly posting he'd rather be climbing than working that day (ok, maybe this one is Facebook's weird intelligent ad algorhythm, but considering they are not referring to the same thing, I'm not so sure.)

4. Completely unrelated friends, gettin' their golf on -

5.... completely unrelated friends in different states, getting their Mexican dinners on:

6. And then sometimes they are completely the opposite, but still funny.

Good Day/Terrible Day

7....again, always completely unrelated friends, sometimes in different parts of the world...

Love Eli Manning/Hate Eli Manning

Love Senator Ted Cruz/Hate Senator Ted Cruz

9. And then finally, things have started mixing between my virtual world and my brick and mortar world, like when I read my college friend's post about her team in Florida, then I look up and see the guy in the lunch line in front of me, wearing a lanyard of that team. We are in D.C...:

I don't know why this happens so often, but I wish I could channel this "power" for something more useful than confused laughter. Like, when I get my pay check, why can't I immediately get a second pay check? Or when I think of the words "hot Marine" why can't I immediately get asked out by a hot Marine? I'm going to be working on this....